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Improve your finger techniques !

Welcome to our website. We are happy you made it here and would like to introduce you to the Soavi FINGERGUIDE for traversal flute - a flexible aid that helps the beginner as well as advanced players to controll the distance between fingers and instrument.

With the flute, it is quite like with many other instruments: a good finger technique is the best condition to play the instrument fluently and with ease. The FINGERGUIDE helps you to improve your finger techniques by simply setting up a very flexible "barrier" which can be adjusted individually according to your needs and abilities.
It is attached to the Instruments within a couple of seconds and - once installed - offers the opportunity to train the left or the right hand of the player or even both hands at the same time.

The menu on the left side of this page leads you to some short illustrated introductions, which may give you a closer view at how to assemble and use the FINGERGUIDE. If you need further information on where to get the FINGERGUIDE or how to order it please feel free to get in contact with us.